Hello, my name is Doug and I am an Air Doctor. I would like to take a little of your time to introduce you to an outstanding company. Through the use of our innovative techniques, ideas and superior customer service we deliver on our commitment to bringing customers the most satisfying unique services in the home sanitization industry today.


Our story starts with the birth of my son who was born healthy but was delivered at 31-1/2 weeks of development at a birth-weight of 3 lbs 1 ounce. He was in the intensive care facility and confined to an incubator for the first 30 days of his life. During his time in the hospital my wife and I were always very cautious of introducing germs into the clean hospital environment that he was staying. Gowns and masks were included in the protocol and washing and sanitizing hands were strictly enforced by the hospital staff.


 It was not until we were scheduled to bring our son home that we began to wonder how safe was our own home? After weeks of using antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers and living in a sterile environment, was I going to bring my son home to a place that was riddled with germs? Was this a risk to his underdeveloped immune and respiratory systems we were willing to take? Imagine wanting to bring your baby home but were not sure that he would be completely safe.


I began doing research on cleaning companies, products and services available, vent cleaning, mold, mildew, bacteria, dust and any other risks associated with indoor air quality. The results were staggering. Each of the companies that I researched gave good honest information, but none were completely capable of addressing all of my concerns.


At the end of the day a total of no less than 5 different companies were needed to ensure that each of my home’s sanitization concerns were met, including a certified hygienist, an indoor air quality specialist to conduct samples and supply results, a general home cleaning maid service, carpet cleaners, vent cleaning service, services to clean my crawlspace and a detail service for our cars. Most of these would only cover cleaning and not certifiable sanitization of the parts of the home each was responsible for. The expenses seemed overwhelming in addition to the time it would have taken to have 5 different vendors perform various tasks scheduled conveniently and completed efficiently. We needed results and we needed them quickly. We were also very skeptical when it came to “how clean is clean?” I needed more research and time was running out. So I did what we all do. I reached out to my network of family and friends and continued my research on the internet.


I continued doing research on and found an exciting new line of products that were developed for the military to combat WMD’S (weapons of mass destruction) and had just become available for widespread household use. Approved by and registered with the FDA, these products were completely safe, non toxic, 100% Bio-degradable and used for eliminating bacteria’s, viruses, toxins and odors. These products removed Anthrax from the White House and Senate buildings. After researching the products and their wide range of uses, I decided to purchase the products and do the work myself. Ensuring not only that the products that I was using were state of the art in germ killing, but the applications were thorough and met my own high quality standards.


We did everything from top to bottom including renting an air scrubber and ionizer, fogging the house with a decontaminant that covered every square inch of the home including the attic and crawlspace, all furniture, wall hangings, kitchen cabinets, curtains, shades, everything. We then washed down ceilings, walls, floors and windows with the same product. We wiped down all bathroom surfaces, kitchen counters, above and behind major appliances: we vacuumed, vacuumed and then vacuumed again. We cleaned carpets with carpet sanitizer and deodorizer. We then had 1 outside vendor come to clean all of the vents; ductwork, change furnace filters and fog the product throughout the entire HVAC system. The process lasted a grand total of less than 2 days and was done top to bottom. My home had never been so clean and best yet germ free. My house had become a perfect sterile environment and safe for my son to come home to.


Not long after I decided it was time to open “Air Doctors”, a full service, all in one company  dedicated to providing consumers with the most state of  the art products and services in the home sanitization industry today. A family owned and operated company trying to keep other families living environments as safe and as clean as possible.


Air Doctors, LLC