Air Doctors Inspection Services

Visual inspection typically starts outside the home to identify potential water intrusion areas, assess grading of the homes yard and condition of landscape, inspect foundations exterior, inspect roof, gutters, soffit fascia, flashing and downspouts for potential problems that could result in water intrusion to any part of the buildings structure.


Digital photographs of areas may be taken and included in the Inspection Report.  Our inspector will provide the report describing details of the inspection and a comprehensive remediation plan.


An interior room by room inspection may be conducted to all living and non living areas including attic space, basements or crawl space areas and attached garages.


Visual inspection results will determine the extent of any surface or air quality testing that needs to be performed. 


An inspection form may be completed detailing inspection data including; building history, building use, overall condition of home, occupant information, observations, inspection specifications, ventilation assessments and general inspection comments. This form may be included in our Inspection Report.


Typically reports are issued within 48 hours of our inspection.

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