Air Quality Testing

If air or surface sampling is performed a chain of custody form is completed and submitted to an independent lab for analysis and results. 


Each chain of custody form is completed with a “representative” of the property present and signed by the “representative” and an air quality technician.  The signed chain of custody form is packaged immediately with any samples taken and becomes property of the “representative” for mailing to the third party lab.


Each sample documented is an individually numbered “Air O Cell” cassette or bio tape slide verifying the samples location, the amount of cubic liters of air drawn per minute, the amount of time airflow is drawn per sample and the additional information including the date, time, temperature and the relative humidity associated with the samples taken.


Sample locations will always include an outdoor sample (used as a baseline or control), and additional samples including the interior living space, basement, crawlspace and attic areas of the home.


Air samples are drawn via Bio Pump Plus ZBP-200 @ 15 LPM for an average sample time of (5) min.


The independent lab will issue a report detailing results found for the samples taken.  Samples are categorized in ELEVATED or NON-ELEVATED conditions, identifying mold species found by scientific name and counts established with that mold spore in a specific area.

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